We have created the lodges at Terre des Étoiles by being inspired by the tents of the Atlas and Sahara Nomads. By using simple materials, we have endeavoured to reunite charm and comfort. Amongst the Berber tents and the Southern African lodges, we have created an area focused on your comfort that you will find magical.

Couple Lodge

Tent lodge couple comfort desert Morocco Terre des Etoiles

The double tents are spacious and comfortably equipped offering a full sensation of space in the middle of the vastness of the rocky land of the Agafay.

Lodge Friends

Tent lodge friends comfort desert Morocco Terre des Etoiles

With family or amongst friends, come and experience a stay in the Agafay desert in Morocco, bringing together the magic of getting back to nature whilst enjoying the all the modern comforts.

Family Lodge

Tent lodge family comfort desert Morocco Terre des Etoiles

Like hotel suites, our family tents offer the chance for kids and parents to spend unforgettable moments together in the heart of the desert of Marrakesh.

Single Lodge

Tent lodge simple comfort desert Morocco Terre des Etoiles

Stay in a lodge tent for some nights and live the experience of being in the middle of the desert just some kilometres from Marrakesh.

El Irch Farm

Dormir à la ferme El irch Agafay ecolodge Terre des Etoiles

Welcome to the farm belonging to the El Irch family, situated on a plot specially fitted out for you. You’ll find a place of total immersion in the peasant life of Agafay.

The Sahraoui Village

Tentes éphémères Village Sahraoui Ecocamp Terre des Etoiles

The Sahrawi Village is secretly nestled in the Agafay desert. Your tent is ephemerally dressed to give you a taste of the joys of nomadism.