balade a cheval desert Agafay

The approach and formula may seem overused, and yet it reflects our reality : Terre des Etoiles is above all a story of people and encounters. And today with a few years in hindsight to look upon, we can boast of not just being a team, but indeed a family.

In the beginning, surrounding and supporting Pierre-Yves and his project was just a small handful of people essential to the creation and development of the camp. Trust us, to create such an oasis in the middle of the rocky desert, you need a good dose of positive and creative energies ! Let us take the example of those whom we nicknamed « the Three Musketeers », all three arrived in 2015 : Mohammed joined Pierre-Yves from the Sahara where he had already organizing camps with him; Lahcen, the Head Gardener who all customers get to know during their stay ; and Azzedine, who morphed into « the architect ». All three are very versatile, multi tasking like the rest of the team who enjoy moving from service to cooking, from the vegetable garden to reception, from work to activities … as one does in a large family at home !


The EL IRCH Family

Family El Irch Agafay

It is a family unlike others, a family that is near and dear to us and to whom we owe a great amount of gratitude. In 2013, it was the Grandfather El Irch who introduced us to the process of permaculture in creating the vegetable gardens in the middle of the desert!

His son Lahcen gradually brought us the 11 dromedaries that you ride at sunset. Then one of the grandsons, Abdessadek – the eldest of the seven brothers – joined Terre des Etoiles as a gardener as soon as he finished his schooling … And yes, that’s three generations having woven their way into our family! They welcome you for a total immersion in the country life of Agafay.

In their traditional farm, three generations welcome you to their property specially designed for you. A few tents are set up, and the meals are prepared by Lahcen’s wife.






Cheffe Ilham

Have you had the chance to meet Chef Ilham? A fan of organic and seasonal foods, Ilham is so involved and passionate about her mission as Chef de Terre des Etoiles, that she considers the camp kitchen to be her « second home, even her fourth child! »



We are looking forward welcoming you back and as always, we have been far from being idle. We are taking advantage of this temporary intermission by improving and updating the life and surrounds of our camp.

We have successfully turned parts of the desert green, and given life to a real Garden of Eden where man and nature finally live in harmony. Whilst there has regrettably been a longer absence than anticipated, we did not lament on the negative, but concentrated on the opportunity and carried out multiple new projects, for e.g.:

– Constructing three brand new Suite Lodges, offering more space and different  furnishings to accommodate 4 adults or a large family. Thus, we have increased the total number of tents from 18 to 21.

– A new dining area around the garden swimming pool

– A small spa for relaxing massages in complete privacy

– New access route to the camp and a full transformation of the arrival area and the Reception …

 See you soon !!

The family of Terre des Etoiles