The Agafay Oasis

Terre des étoiles

This is a bold project nestled in the heart of the arid lands of the Agafay desert and Terre des Étoiles will offer you a desert experience like no other. Conceived by Pierre-Yves Marais, the camp invites guests to fully take in the magic of the original accommodation and captivating environment. It’s in a tent, melanging traditional and modern comforts that guests find absolute intimacy and the possibility to completely unwind.

This place, which is certainly adapted to total relaxation, is also built around discovery. Taking centre stage for a range of activities near to the land and stars, the camp lodge is also a perfect launching pad for numerous getaways throughout this exceptional landscape.
Concerned by the environment in which it finds itself in, by choosing Terre des Étoiles, you are also subscribing to the to the idea of sustainable adventuring. The whole team at Terres des Étoiles take the concept of responsible management to heart, in particular in terms of the treatmeant of waste and water usage. Thanks to these efforts, the Terre des Étoiles team have been awarded the Green Key label, the most recognised international environment label for accommodation for tourists and for food and drink services.

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