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Terre des Étoiles surrounds itself with professionals who are not only talented and creative but above all concerned with environmental and social issues. These are the common founding values which underpin our common projects.

Gaëlle Perrin

Communication and conviction

Gaëlle Perrin is a press officer specialised in digital communication and focuses her missions on high value topics such as sustainable tourism and…

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Adil Adarzane

Web & SEO

Listening to his employees and at the forefront of the latest trends, Adil Adarzane created Brand Solution to support the digital ambitions…

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Systéo traitement

Water treatment

Established in Morocco and West Africa, Sisteo relies on a network of distributors to offer turnkey environmental solutions for the treatment of…

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Asmaa Mesnaoui

Environmental Engineering

Asmaa Mesnaoui manages NOOR Pvterm in Morocco, an key actor in the renewable energy sector offering integrated photovoltaic…

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Fly me to the moon

Electric bike

With easy-access and comfortable electric mountain bike excursions, Fly-me-to-the-moon invites you to its eco-village to discover…

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Régénération végétale

Permaculture and agroecology

Fabien Tournan is a permaculture actor and entrepreneur specialising in the holistic management of territories in France, Morocco…

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Committed tourism

Defismed is more than an NGO: it is a network of stakeholders in tourism who share a commitment to serving ecology, the economy…

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Eco cool

Sustainable air conditioning

Eco cool offers an innovative, energy-efficient air conditioning system based on environmentally friendly materials and ancestral…

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Modern Store

Innovative tents

Modern store has been THE specialist in "caidal" tents for more than 40 years in Morocco. New models have been specifically co-created…

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Suzanne Berson

Energy healing

Suzanne Berson is an energy therapist who provides holistic and energetic treatments, as well as biodynamic massages to accompany…

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Allo Sources

Water search & solutions

Allo sources is a water prospecting company based in Marrakech. Since 2012 it has served farmers, individuals, associations, municipalities…

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Mohammad Arhal

Sun-powered cooking

Solar Cuisine solutions concentratesun rays on a focal point and harnesses the greenhouse effect. Our patented product is the result of much...

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centre aguila

Le centre Aguila

Body, Mind And Nature

Pascal Anselin is a specialist in biodynamic osteopathy. He offers treatments and retreats to address psychosomatic and chronic…

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Terre happy act

Dallal Fracso

Reconnect with your self

Dallal is first and foremost a qualified doctor. Her "Terre Happy ACT '' project was born of several experiences and much soul-searching in the wake…

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Tourism and communication

Passionate about travel and innovation, Rachel Thomann and Adam Bouachir have specialised for several years in supporting change and....

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