Terre Des Étoiles supports you in creating sustainable venues and eco-responsible sites providing authentic experiences close to nature.


Pierre-Yves Marais, founder of Terre Des Étoiles, passionate about nature and adventure, has devoted 25 years of his life to cultivating a specific vision of luxury: creating exceptional and sustainable venues and acoomodation sites in harmony with the environment.


Engage in ecological optimization and sustainable autonomy when leaving the beaten track: it’s quite an adventure!


When you live nestled in a natural environment, leaving the lowest ecological footprint is not enough, you must also provide joy and wonder, both integral to human “well-being”.


Over the course of many projects, Terre Des Etoiles has given substance to ecological dreams of refined comfort across the Moroccan desert and the Atlas Mountains. Bivouacs, camps, farms and small villages have slowly and carefully been designed and developped to create as many timeless paradises.


Rooting A Project In Its Environment.
Rooted in a territory, in a landscape, carefully thought out down to the smallest detail, each project showcases local activities and resources to leverage local and traditional know-how.