Terre Des Etoiles expert en création de lieux de rêves et authentique au sein des paysage naturel

Terre Des Etoiles: a green haven in a stark stone desert

When ecotourism transforms a vicious circle of degradation into a virtuous circle of renewal

A successful experiment in the creation and management of an autonomous ecolodge, Terre des Étoiles took shape in 2009 in the Agafay desert, near Marrakech. Born of a desire to create a venue both beautiful and exceptional, inspired by traditional camps, but above all self-sufficient in water and energy, Terre des Étoiles is now anchored in its natural and cultural territory: The ecolodge and its continuous improvement, the greening of the surrounding areas, and the constant attention to quality have for more than 10 years allowed the best ecotourism solutions to create a site which is not only inherently sustainable but also ever-more resilient and generous.

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